Types of Freshwater Angelfish

With the ease of cross-breeding, there are an increase in the number of angelfish species today. Here are some of the most common types and their particularities:

Zebra Angelfish

Freshwater angelfish - zebra angelfish

The name comes from the stripes of this fish; while other varieties have only three stripes, this kind can have four or five. Most of the time they are smaller than other angelfish, but this also makes them faster.

They have no special requirements, but it is recommended to not keep them in the same aquarium with large fish that can harm them.

Veil Angelfish

Freshwater Angelfish - Veil Angelfish

The most popular types of angelfish found in tanks and one of the most beautiful ones. Their fins are long, but if you try to keep this fish with other aggressive species, they will have their fins bit.

The good thing is that this angelfish can be combined with any other color angelfish.

Pay attention to the temperature of the water because this fish is sensitive to variations of temperature.

Marble Angelfish

freshwater angelfish - marbled angelfish

Very similar to the Veil Angelfish only with much shorter fins. It has a silver base with a black pattern and sometimes an orange line on the top of the fish.

This angelfish is pretty resistant to disease and does not require special conditions.

Albino Angelfish

Freshwater angelfish - albino angelfish

Considered a genetic mutation since it lacks any black color on its body, the Albino has red eyes and a short life span, no matter the conditions you provide.

Their body can have gold or yellow stripes and they are highly sensitive to any disease.

Leopard Angelfish

freshwater angelfish - leopard angelfish

This type is not as common as the others, but it looks extraordinary in a well-organized tank. Instead of stripes, the Leopard Angelfish has spots.

In order to keep this pattern when they are adults, you need to provide a specific amount of light otherwise, the pigment will change and the spots will disappear.

Ghost Angelfish

This type has the common body shape, but the only difference is the color. This fish lacks any track of pigmentation, so its entire body is silver.

Black Lace Angelfish

freshwater angelfish - black lace angelfish

The opposite of the Ghost Angelfish, this type is almost completely black due to excessive pigmentation. This fish is very common in aquariums, although many people prefer the more colorful kind.

However, if the aquarium has the right amount of light you can sometimes see traces of their natural pattern.

Smokey Angelfish

This fish has a combination of black and silver, but the giving a gray appearance.

Gold Angelfish

freshwater angelfish - gold angelfish

The Gold Angelfish is very popular and it has a very specific color.

The fish is half silver and half gold, even though the young fish don’t have a very clear golden color, but by their first year of life in the right condition, they will develop golden hues.

You don’t have to worry about their requirements too much, but you have to make sure that the aquarium has proper lights.

Blushing Angelfish

freshwater angelfish - blushing angelfish

The name comes from the two red gills that make this fish look like it is blushing. The gill color can vary from pale orange to bright red, depending on the parentage.

The body is usually golden, but in some fish you will also notice a silver shade.

In general, the golden color is after they reach maturity.

Koi Angelfish

freshwater angelfish - koi angelfish

Most people have heard of Koi Carp, but many never thought the carp and angelfish could be combined. Well, they can be and the result is spectacular.

The Koi Angelfish can have a variety of colors from gold to bright orange with black spots.

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